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Sivulta löytyy kooste eri tyyppisistä teksti näytteistä.

The page contains samples of different types of text genres.

University of Helsinki – English Philology zine – article

The Problem with Freelancing – Millenial Problems Edition

So it would seem we are at least ticking the boxes of working more for less, facing more insecurity, and we are increasingly taking on the costs of competing on the market ourselves. But have we in fact become human capital? And are we being driven further away from each other through competition and individualism? Is loneliness the defining feature of our generation?


University of Helsinki – English Philology zine – Editor’s note

Chief Editor’s Note: Rocky Slopes

Amongst the crowded landscape of ridges tumbling endlessly over each other, it seems that one could hide the grandest of secrets and find the most glorious of adventures. For me, the view has always been worth the climb. And so I trust my feet and keep on climbing.


University of Helsinki – English Philology zine – POEM

Declaration of independence

Photographs, slightly worn and faded  –  moments flash by… Once we were that child.

Mother, what happened?

Mother, forgive me. I must have let you down.


Personal Blog – Quirky, entertaining text

Alice in Wonderland

How do you condense the experiences of one whole semester into something that one person can bother to listen to in one go? You don’t. You smile and say it was great. You maybe say you learned some Spanish or that you liked the family you lived with. Maybe a funny story, but that’s it. But if pressed for a story, I think this one would capture the interest of my listeners better, the story of how Alice was lost in Wonderland…